A little while and then... goodbye! 

We have some news, and it's pretty sad. In a month, there will be no more DAY kitchen at the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam.

We have had DAY kitchen for almost a year, almost 365 days. And pretty much all of those 365 days of the last year have been about this shop. We loved it, but in the end retail is a tough business and costs simply do not outweigh profits as they should. This is why we have to leave our shop.

We wanted to start a cooking store where things were done differently. With only the best kitchen supplies, and more in general a shop with a nice vibe that was all about experience and not simply stocking every kitchen item known to man. For a large part we succeeded. We have some amazing fans (Thank you for that! You have no idea what your kind words and returning visits mean to us) and we are super lucky to have met a bunch of amazing people this year. It has been quite a ride, but now it must end.

It's not all bad news though, especially not for those of you who like the things we sell. We are now having a clearance sale, and that means that there are discounts up to 70% as we speak, and even more are coming. We will slowly start increasing the discount range, but we would advise you to not wait to long if there is something you really, really want, since supply is limited for most items. If there ever was a time to expend your kitchen supply range, this would be it!

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing and crazy year and hopefully we will see you somewhere in the coming weeks at our store!

Lots of love,
Josine & Sarah
DAY kitchen